The Ways To Ship RAM&SSD From China

Shipping is a very important part in international trade. How to ship the RAM&SSD from China to your hand? This article will be the best fit for you.

Basis knowledge about RAM&SSD concerning shipping

You have to take into consideration two things of your goods anytime when it comes to shipping: WEIGHT and the VOLUME.

For example:

  1. The weight of RAM:15-60g;The weight of SSD:60-120g
  2. The volume of RAM&SSD:

240pcs/ctn,CTN Size:50*38*32cm.Volume:0.057m³ GW:15KGS

The freight forwarding will charge base on the bigger one between the GW and the Volume*200(0.057*200=11.4)

The weight we according in the shipping cost is 15KGS

Shipping by sea is the most common mode of transportation in the international trade. It is very cheap. But for RAM&SSD, Many customers prefer to shipping by Express in the business. I’ll tell you the reason.

  1. High Time-efficient(Arrives in 3-6 days)

The price of the SSD&RAM is highly sensitive. The market are always going up and down. A high time-efficient shipping method can help you capture the market rapidly. And can also mitigate risks from price’s variation.

  1. Light Weight But High Valued

A Ram’s weight is 15g to 60g,A SSD’s weight is 60g to 120g and its volume is small. What’s more, RAM&SSD has a high value. The shipping cost will be quite a small part in the whole cost.

  1. Safety

As this article mentioned, RAM&SSD is high valued. So the safety problem must be considered in the shipping. Compared with other shipping method ,Express have substantial advantages.

  1. Door to door;no paperwork needed

It is very simple. You just need to pay the money and wait for the goods.

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