Why choose WHALEKOM?

Gained numerous business partners globally & good reputation based on our team whom specialized in DDR and SSD products over 15 years. and we insist the same-one thing always, with the good quality & reliable service.

OEM/ODM order acceptable?

Of course. We provide experienced one-stop OEM and ODM service. We own modern factory and professional R & D. Let us make your idea of the products come to true.

How can you guarantee the production quality?

From raw material to finished products, we employ a higher standard at every step of manufacturing. Strict tests and inspections are conducted to guarantee each piece of our DDR and SSD are in perfect condition before shipping.

What is your MOQ?

Most of our products are in stock, no request for MOQ. For some products with printed pictures, we request MOQ 20pcs per design. For special requirements, welcome to contact us.

Do you provide samples of product?

Yes! We believe that :”The product itself is the best seller”. Welcome to samples to test and check the goods quality.

Why the capacity displayed from PC is smaller than original capacity?

Actually usable space maybe less than the total storage capacity listed due to decimal measurement used to represent usable capacity of the SSD. Actual capacity calculation: Total storage*0.93 Factory default setting: 1GB=1000MB=1000000KB=1000000000B Computer system setting: 1GB=1024MB=1048576KB=1073741824B Example: 256GB SSD Factory capacity: 256*1000*1000*1000=256000000000B Transfer calculation: 256GB*0.93=238.08GB

What can I do if your products have some after-sale problems?

If during the warranty period, you can send back the cargo to us once you find any reasonable problem. As long as they are not vandalism, we will respire them and delivery again to you for your next order. You do not need to pay any freight.

Wide and Narrow

Wide and narrow does not affect the RAM use. All products are sent according to the batch of factory, wide and narrow can not be specified.


The number of chips does not affect the use of ram and can not be specified. It is sent in batches from our factory. The chips have been seleceted from high-quality chip companies around the world.(Samsung, HY, MIC, etc. example)

What is the difference between SSD and HDD?

Both are storage devices. but SSD with better effectiveness , especially its random access speed significantly ahead of HD. But with higher price, so more suitable for operating system installation on the practical application. The HDD with lower price and slower speed. usually been used as storage for data backup.

How to use the SSD properly to well protect it?

Currently, the SSD average erasure feature and built-in error correction mechanism can increase the SSD lifespan. But in general, SSD lifespan depends on the how it is been used and the work environment, if mass and long time large numbers data been written or been used under high-temperature environment . which would likely to reduce the SSD lifespan.

When i restart my computer. I realized that the SSD storage become largger or smaller sometimes. is it any problem with the SSD?

When the operating system boots, there will be job data be written in the flash disk, so there will be different larger or smaller storge condition due to the differenent condition of the flash disk. So you will find the remaining capacity be slightly larger or smaller, this is normal circumstances.

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