Walk into Jingang Tech

Shenzhen Jingang Technology Co., Ltd. is a group company that was founded in Shenzhen, China and has developed into a multinational operation. It has mature teams in the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shenzhen, and its business is accessible to domestic and foreign markets. Main products include computer chips, DRAM, Flash storage products (Memory, SSD), servers, notebooks, etc. We operates its own brands Whalekom ,and also accepts OEM and ODM orders to provide customers with flexible, reliable and high-quality one-stop solutions. Since its establishment, with more than ten years of market precipitation and team growth, it has already possessed a certain scale and strength, and now has an elite team gathered in the industry. It is an enterprise that integrates production, operation and service from product procurement, manufacturing, product after-sales, and international trade. A relatively complete production management system has been established, and the company currently has more than 150 employees.

Choosing Jingang Technology Co., Ltd.

The company masters the most cutting-edge technology, standards and industry trends, and provides customers with personalized and diversified services with excellent service quality and reliable resource strength. Looking to the future, the business is oriented towards globalization, and a relatively sound sales network has been established. The company has strong economic strength and independent resources, and has long-term cooperation with Samsung, Hynix, Micron and other brands, which has won the trust of domestic and foreign users and promoted the company’s comprehensive development. Since its establishment, it has always adhered to the operating principle of “Talent-oriented, honesty”, scientific management and timely summary of experience, combined with the specific actualities of domestic and foreign companies, to provide companies with a full range of solutions to help companies improve management and production Ability to enable enterprises to always maintain their competitiveness in the fierce market competition and achieve rapid and stable development of enterprises. Taking “Customer first, Quality first, Based on Service, Adhering to Honesty” as the company’s tenet; “Stable performance, superior cost performance” as the line, and on the basis of existing achievements, unremitting efforts, pioneering and enterprising, to provide customers with more Excellent service.