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WHALEKOM is a group company established in Shenzhen, China and developed into a multinational operation. It has mature teams in the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shenzhen, and its business has access to domestic and foreign markets. The main products include computer chips, DRAM, Flash storage products (Memory, SSD), servers, notebooks, etc. We operate our own brand Whalekom and accept both OEM and ODM orders to provide customers with flexible, reliable and high-quality one-stop services. Stop the solution. Since its establishment, after more than ten years of market precipitation and team growth, it has acquired a certain scale and strength, and now has an elite team gathered in the industry. It is an enterprise integrating product procurement, manufacturing, product after-sales, and international trade production, operation and service. A relatively complete production management system has been established, and the company has more than 150 employees. We always serve customers with the entrepreneurial spirit that persistence is the foundation and communication is the bridge.Welcome to send inquiries! We are at your service anytime!

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