WHALEKOM has highly pay attetion to the customer rights and interests, Our promote reply as any questions with our WHALEKOM products. The quality services you will gain from WHALEKOM.

You will get the guaranteed of repairing, changing and refunding after-sales service. Please save the invoice when you buy our WHALEKOM product.

WHALEKOM global hotline: +86 755 83581916, mail: tonyhuang@whalekom.com

Please read carefully, and contact us in any questions during in used.

Ordinary Maintenance

  1. Please keep away from the water and fire. -40°C~85°C storage temperature. Please also do not use as a toy.
  2. Please wear gloves when you install and unstall the product to avoid the damage the PIN
  3. Please do not disassemble and change the SSD and DDR Ram structure, to avoid the damage.

Guarantee Clause

Pay attention, please:

  1. Please show us the following information:

(1) DDR Ram

     SSD Solid State Drive

(2) Warrany Card

(3) Invoice

  1. Warranty Time:  

    3 years

  1. Warranty Conditions:

(1) WHALEKOM Product

(2) Include package and sticker

(3) The following situation will not covered by the warranty:

  1. The product was out of warranty
  2. The force majeure factor
  3. Damage caused by unauthorized disassembly
  4. Non-quality problem: such as compatibale, color, package, etc.
  5. Man-made damage

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