Quality is WHALEKOM culture

“We cannot ignore quality in order to reduce costs, otherwise it will be suicide or homicide. To kill ourselves is suicide, and to kill everyone is to kill. Mr. Ren Zhengfei said.
From the current market competition situation, quality has become one of the most important factors for modern enterprises to gain a favorable competitive position, establish long-term development, and make enterprises successful.
Since the birth of the brand, WHALEKOM storage products specialist has insisted on serving only the clients who demand quality of ram memory and solid state drive products, because we only know these customers, and we understand well their requests based on our over 15 years experience of the memory ram and solid state drive industry. In addition, we believe that with the upgrading of the Internet and computer application technology and people’s greater participation and dependence on Internet applications, the willingness to spend money on computer hardware configuration including ram memory DDR, hard disk and computer brain the CPU will also as it rises, the requirements for the speed experience brought by computers and the Internet will inevitably gradually reach new heights. Corresponding to the increase in prices, the improvement in quality must be supported.
WHALEKOM upholds the concept that quality is life and speed extends life. As a storage products specialist whom focused on efficiency improvements, we continue to pursue our goal: Make the data well come! Let more efficient speed extend our limited time use value, and life should not be wasted in “waiting”.
The high requirements for quality have also been recognized by more and more companies, and they have put forward their own slogans for improving quality, and implemented their quality improvement actions accordingly. In fact, excellent companies in the ram memory and solid state drive industry, including Kingston and other brands, have achieved positive results.
There are even more outstanding companies in action. For example, General Motors of the United States put forward “Let quality on the road”, Ford put forward “Quality is the first priority” and so on.
In order to encourage companies to continuously improve product quality, as early as 1951, Japan established the National Quality Award-Deming Award, which is awarded every year to companies that have made outstanding contributions to quality management projects. In the 1970s and 1980s, Japanese electronic products successfully entered the American market. One of the most important reasons is the high quality of their products.
In contrast, one of the common problems of Chinese companies for a long time in the past is that the quality of their products is not high, and they often rely on the low-cost advantage brought by price to participate in international competition. WHALEKOM storage products specialist believes that this is not conducive to its own development, nor is it conducive to our establishment of a good reputation in the market for cooperative customers. Therefore, we should consider the balance between price and quality on the basis of win-win cooperation, long-term development and cooperation with customers. We need to find ways to optimize costs of our memory ram and SSD products, but not at the expense of quality.
WHALEKOM’s ram memory DDR and SSD products are mainly made of core raw materials from Samsung, Hynix, Micron and other brands. Our confidence in quality comes not only from our commitment to users, but also from our trustworthy partners including but limited to Samsung, Hynix, Micron and so on.
Therefore, our quality control is in the brain, in the blood, and in the entire system. Through long-term quality awareness promotion and training, the quality awareness of the entire system is stabilized. “Our goal is to meet the ever-increasing needs of customers with excellent products, stable quality, and reliable supply services. Quality is our life.” Starting from the storage product structure design, through the production line, internal and external docking quality control, and strict Choose a supplier. Finally, returning to the level of talents, people have quality awareness, systems have quality processes, and enterprises have quality life.

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