Competitiveness only with cost performance: Physical factories, complete equipment, professional quality and ultra-flat ex-factory prices are the core competitiveness of our company.

Fast delivery

We have a mature technical team that can complete your order and deliver it in the first time.

Excellent service

We are good at listening to customers’ opinions or suggestions, and can reply you as soon as possible.

Good quality

Quality of goods: A professional management team and advanced equipment are a powerful guarantee for us to achieve high-quality products. We sincerely welcome field inspections.


Shenzhen Jingang Technology Co., Ltd. is a group company that was founded in Shenzhen, China and has developed into a multinational operation. It has mature teams in the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shenzhen, and its business is accessible to domestic and foreign markets. Main products include computer chips, DRAM, Flash storage products (Memory, SSD), servers, notebooks, etc. We operates its own brands Whalekom , and also accepts OEM and ODM orders to provide customers with flexible, reliable and high-quality one-stop solutions.

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One-stop service for customers. Rest assured, worry-free and comfortable: We implement one-stop service, sincerely cooperate with you to create a win-win situation.


Office and warehouse at USA, Taiwan, HK, Shenzhen: Ensure steady supply high quality and plenty products; Shorten delivery time and reduce the shipping cost. Whom can leading the market.


I bought 300pcs ddr3 4gb and 200pcs ddr3 8gb from JINGANG. I got the timely reply and fast delivery time, and the quality is quite good. Thx for the service, and I highly recommend buying products from this company.

Ahmed / Saudi Arabia

Quick response, fast lead time and good quality & service. I fell happy to work with this supplier.

Mokarram / India

Very professinal, I like to work with people in this company. And the quality is really not bad. We will consider to work together again in the days coming. Appreciate it.

Stive / Lawrence UAE

 I’d first heard of Whalekom when I find other products on alibaba. Since I was in need  anyway, I thought I’d take the chance.
I wasn’t disappointed – it performs just as well as the stuff you can buy from Crucial, Kingston or any other reliable brand at this price point. Plus, this model is a couple pounds cheaper than most competitors!
Going from an old 3.5-inch hard drive to this SSD, Windows’ boot time decreased from over a minute to just under 15 seconds (1/4 minute).
It’s cheap but cheerful – a good product for the slightly lower price, which can sometimes make all the difference.

Vaelfonia / UK

Just bought some DDR4 8GB RAMs from Whalekom. I am running a E-common business in USA. My target clients are gamers, I need good products. I tested the RAM with a gaming PC which only came with 8GB of RAM . It matches the other OLOy RAM stick that was already in the motherboard. I did come across a small problem after installing it. So far it appears to be functioning normally and the system runs much faster than it did with the single 8gb memory stick the computer shipped with. 

Gary Golden / USA

Its an happy cooperation with Whalekom. Delivery was fast , seems the company has enough stock. I am a hardware retailer shop in Malaysia, my customers feedback the price is good, installation is easy and quality is great . I am not big fan of big brand, I value customer feedback very much, if customer says its good , then its good , And of course, price and stock matter a lot, If the product return me with good profit , I keep ordering. That’s what I wanna do with Whalekom, keep ordering RAM memory from the company.

Muhammed Anas / Malaysia